We make your vision come true.

Here at Sharp Shoot, we offer a variety of media services to suit every need. From TV and Radio Adverts, to Corporate Videos, Events and TV Series.

TV Adverts & Infomercials

Our award winning video production team creates video content that promotes your business, sells your services and inspires your clients. Sharp Shoot Media is fully committed to top quality work and service, and a belief in building long term relationships has ensured that the company continues to work closely with its ever expanding portfolio of clients and associates.

Sharp Shoot Media provides a full production service, from initial concept to completion, including research, screenwriting and pre-production; all the way through the shoot itself, including casting and post-production work on Full HD and 4K edit suites. We also have a large database of actors, models, and various other talents who we have worked with on numerous projects throughout the years.

Radio Adverts

You can rely on us to capture the essence of your project and promote it in a way that reflects the right tone, personality and message. We also have a number of different voiceover artists; both in English and Maltese accent.

Corporate Videos

Our creative team offers versatility, making sure that the client gets the look and feel he wants for his production. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company, a start-up or charity organization, we’ll work with you to create the right video for your needs. We will work directly with you to develop customised, brand aware corporate videos that inform and engage your audience. Simply put, we help you tell your story in the most effective way.

TV Series

Sharp Shoot Media takes pride in producing high quality drama for Television. The team has a long history in directing and editing drama such as Evangelisti, Farfalla, Il-Klikka, Xablott, Caqqufa and also multi-TV hit series Gizelle back in 2007. In 2015 the company embarked on producing it’s own TV series Strada Stretta; becoming a national sensation with a viewership of more than 120,000 (according to the Media Warehouse Survey) and around 80,000 online on demand. Strada Stretta carried off a record of 8 awards at the 2017 Malta TV Awards; including Best Drama, Best Directing, Best People’s Choice Award, Best Editing, Best Script Writing, Best Male Actor, Best Supporting Male Actor and Best Supporting Female Actress. Sharp Shoot Media has produced its latest period drama L-Għarusa on TVM, which was also the most watched TV series in Malta during it’s running period.

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If you’re holding an event, there’s no better way to ensure you can show off the achievements of your organisation than by recording it. Our event videography services often benefit from our specially made short overview videos to use as marketing tool for subsequent events, or to send out to people attending your event.

We’re more than happy to guide you through the video making process, keeping you as involved as you want to be whilst we work in the background, smoothly filming your event.

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Giving the audiences an entertaining, informative and interactive experience.


Creating projects which combine talent with high-end technology and designer concepts that are meant to enrapture an audience within an editorial policy and a specific time frame.


Driven by talent and pride the team formulates concepts that successfully engage with various audiences in distinctive ways. The company invests time and energy to identify different sectors of the population with a particular attention to those who seek and praise the standards of foreign productions.


The team is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and invests in people who think outside the box and can come up with a radical point of view.

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